With the threat of a trade war hanging over the market, dow Jones is in the red today.


U.S. stocks fell in thin trading to intraday lows, while U.S. Treasury bonds because of the threat of a trade war has swept across the market, and the market’s for signs of rising inflation and soaring. The dollar.
Standard & poor’s 500 index fell for the first time in four days, the afternoon trading losses continue to fall, is lower than the average of 10%, because the northeast supported the second major winter storm in a week. Since the free trade advocates Gary Cohen’s resignation, stock markets have been under pressure, and the President of the news hit China.
Main indicators of difference reflects fears that Donald trump a high tariff on some imported plan could lead to a broader trade war. Multinational companies in the dow Jones industrial average fell more than 1%, and domestic focus of small-cap basic remain unchanged.
Us treasuries falling demand, the yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 2.85%. The dollar, while crude oil fell to $60 a barrel in New York. Before Friday’s U.S. jobs report, investors will also be sights in Europe and in the upcoming in the decision-making of the central bank of Japan.
Though this week may be a harsh tax on steel and aluminium, but speculation about tariffs will not trigger a broader trade fire. The eu said it would physical retaliation, while China has basic keep silent. At the same time, the republican congressional leaders are urging for a specific project and national trump, and want to avoid a wider range of trade restrictions.
Personal Capital, investment portfolio management, executive vice President Craig Birk said: “for any protectionist title of knee-jerk reaction will be negative. “But widely exist a lot of power, so the second pause, sales pressure is still on the rise.”
These are the main measures on the market:

Morning New York time, the word that the standard & poor’s 500 index fell 0.9%. The dow Jones industrial average fell 332 points to 24551 points. The Russell 2000 index stability after earlier rising. The stoxx Europe 600 index rose 0.4%, rose for the third consecutive time. The MSCI emerging markets index fell 0.6%.
Commanding, yuan peng from stock index rose 0.1%. The euro at $1.2401. The pound fell less than 0.1% to $1.3882, this is the first time since a week back. Yen exchange rate steady at 106.13 per dollar. The msci emerging markets index rose 0.1% to the highest level in more than a week.
The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell 4 basis points to 2.8479%. German 10-year yields fell 2 basis points to 0.66%. UK 10-year yields fell three basis points to 1.494%.
West Texas intermediate crude oil fell 2.8% to $60.86 a barrel. Gold fell 0.6% to $1326 an ounce.


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