Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Joe Tsai are putting $20 million into the rental track through their investment company.


Recode learned that Blue Pool Capital, a financial firm that invests in alibaba founder Jack Ma and Joe Tsai, has invested $20 million in the women’s wear business, Rent the Runway.
Research firm Lagniappe Labs has found the application, saying it will cost less than $800 million.
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Rent Runway co-founder and chief executive officer Jennifer Hyman, said her company on the basis of Ebitda earnings, but has no plans to raise new capital, but think it is a favorable opportunity in the business life cycle of the rare opportunity.
“I have a lot of respect for Joe and jack, and I want to be able to integrate them into the business when we are at the biggest stage of development,” heymann told redder in an interview. “Given our global aspirations – especially in Asia – I think they will be very good people.”
CAI will be a board observer at Rent the Runway, which means he can attend board meetings, but does not have the right to vote as board directors do.
At the end of 2016, it was able to lease the last funds raised by the runway, when it received a $60 million e-series investment from Fidelity. According to PitchBook, the deal is worth $750 million. To complete the New Deal, Hyman allows Blue Pool to invest in new models with the same terms as the E series, she said.
Rent Runway was founded in 2009 as a service that allows women to Rent designer clothing for a small fraction of the retail price. In the past two years, however, the company has added a subscription model that allows women to rent clothes for everyday wear.
The obvious question: did tsai and ma’s interest make alibaba a possible suitor for the runway? Not so, says heyman.
“The more forward-thinking, intelligent people you have a relationship with, it just opens up your selectivity,” heiman said. “For us, whether we go public or sell or we stay private, it’s good for us.”

As she sat on the stage in an interview, we would discuss the issue with Hyman, more with the code department’s evening at Shoptalk in Las Vegas on March 20.
According to a top Wall Street firm, the Internet travel business is a huge opportunity for amazon.
Morgan Stanley reiterated its overrating of amazon shares, saying the e-commerce giant could make huge profits from the tourism sector.
“So far, the online travel have been proved immune to the destruction of the amazon, but as we see in other categories, this does not mean that amazon will not try again, they should do so,” analyst Brian Nowak wrote in a statement to the customer:. “Amazon is focused on choice/service, pricing and friction-free payments, driving the transition and a stronger user economy, and directly transforming it into travel.”
Amazon has more than 300 million consumers who are likely to spend money on potential travel products, the analyst said. He estimates that online travel companies such as Booking and Expedia are spending about $620 million a year to buy inventory of their global hotel rooms, which is not a big investment for amazon.
He wrote: “our rough advertising efficiency analysis (AD spending/trading) illustrates amazon’s ability to drive repeat/direct traffic… Because its estimated $0.75 AD spending/transaction is just a small part of the Booking/Expedia cost.
In the United States alone, tourism represents only $480 billion a year, Mr. Novak said. He estimates that if amazon’s online hotel business is about half the size of Expedia’s, it could make a profit of $600 million a year.
Analysts reiterated his $1,500 target price for amazon shares, which fell slightly on Thursday. As of Thursday, the company’s shares had surged 33%, which may be why analysts haven’t updated their forecasts.
Amazon shares rose 0.9% on Friday.


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