McLaren wagers on Geneva with the senna GTR concept.


At the end of last year, the company unveiled the senna supercar as the road’s legitimate track missile. Now, at the Geneva motor show, the British supercar maker is showing the concept of the Senna’s track special version of the GTR.
When McLensier completes the production of 500 vehicles, Ayrton Senna respects the race car will show a special version of the race track based on the Senna GTR concept car in Geneva. Mike Flewitt, chief executive of McLaren, says up to 75 GTR will be used as the most extreme hand-made car made by woking.
“The tradition of overtaking McLaren on the track is as important and important as it is today,” he explains. “Only the McLaren racing track is more dynamic, more grip, more pressure – up to 1,000 kg – faster than McLaren and faster lap times. The number of safe cars is very limited, and you will be able to buy the nearest experience, and you can ride the car without really queuing up. ”
The car’s technical details will be announced later this year, but the GTR standards based carbon fiber structure (if such a word can be used) senna model, and will keep about 1198 kilograms (2641 kg) of similar dry heavy). The plan aims to gain more from 4.0 -litre twin turbo V8 power output of 800 horsepower (789 horsepower) road model to 825 PS (813.7 HP), and will be at least 800 Nm (590 lb – ft).

The McLare will also increase the racing style of the gearbox, modify the double arm suspension, and add the pirelli tire to the car. This will come under pressure from cars up to 1,000 kilograms (2,204.6 pounds). ‘this should provide the fastest lap time for cars outside the formula 1 car,’ McLaren said of GTR.
As seen in the Geneva motor show, McLaren Seine GTR slightly wider track, the car better, and to some aerodynamic body adjustment – especially in the front and rear. The “clamping” regulation of the fender and other external structures designed by sena means that it can be easily modified and replaced as needed. It also means that there will be different wheels and tires to choose from, and the new Pirellis wheels displayed at the Geneva motor show.
Other modifications to the Senna GTR include the polycarbonate “ticket” window design, which is driven internally to obtain better aerodynamic performance of the door and to modify the windshield for use in orbit. When the load is on the track, the intake enhancement also improves the cooling effect. McLaren says the new Senna GTR concept is a sign of the focus products of the Senna GTR track, but not the final product.
McLare is currently receiving “expressed interest” in Senna GTR and will begin production sometime in 2019 when Senna begins production.


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