‘Pharma bro’Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison – ‘it’s my fault.’


The convicted fraudster, Martin Shkreli, was convicted of securities fraud linked to his two hedge funds and his former drug company Retrophin.
The notorious drug company, known as Turing pharma after running the company, has raised the price of the drug darapham by more than 5,000 percent.
Shkreli has been ordered to give up nearly $7.4 million and relinquish ownership of the exclusive wu-tang Clan album for his crimes.
The notorious “pharmaceutics brothers” Martin Shi Kelei for leniency put forward the request of a SOB, but in the end because of hedge funds and he used to run a drug company’s federal fraud was sentenced to five years, to seven years in prison.
“The only person who came here today is me,” said a ch – gulp Shkreli, who told the judge before a federal court in brooklyn, New York, sentenced him to jail.
“It’s not the government. There’s no conspiracy to take mark shklille off.”
“I took Martin shikrey with my shameful and disgraceful conduct.”
“It’s my fault, I’m not the victim here,” Shkreli said, before he promised not to let his lawyer, Benjamin brafman, try to make a contribution to society.
“Don’t feel sorry for me,” Mr. Schackle told the court, which included supporters and family members, many of whom wrote in a letter demanding that the judge be exempt from harsh sentences.
“I’m so sorry,” he wrote to investors who had invested in him. “I lost your trust… You deserve better.”
“I’ve never been inspired by money,” Shkreli said. “I want to improve my status and reputation.”
“I am here because I have made a serious, stupid and careless mistake.”
The seven-year sentence – sheereli heartily listened – was significantly higher than the 18-month limit demanded by the defence counsel.
“He has the potential to do good,” says Mr Brafman, who cites the cleverness and altruism of Mr Scherley, who is less altruistic than himself.
“He should not have been sentenced for mark schreiley.”
Although Mr. Brafman didn’t get what he wanted, the verdict is not yet in the hands of prosecutors, who said they were halfway through Friday’s minimum of 15 years.
“We do think that the public needs to be protected by Mr Shkreli,” said Jacquelyn Kasulis, the us assistant prosecutor, who told Mr Matsumoto in an ossified defence.
“We do believe in your honor, he is dangerous,” casulis said.
Matsumoto says she struggled with what she had to say as a sentence.

Judge announced her decision to note that in the long process of Shkreli grew up in a family, including an abusive father, his panic attack, his charitable donations of individuals and groups, and he in stock picking and scientific research ability.
But Matsumoto also described what the clay for several years, a series of complex financial fraud, boasted that he wanted a former employee and his family “homeless”, and he said in a statement from the prison by email he will do anything necessary to win a light sentence.
She urged Shkreli to continue teaching math, finance and other subjects as he has done in recent months.
“I hope you’re very well, Mr. Shekrey,” said Matsumoto.
“Thank you very much, your honor,” he replied.
Shkreli, who will receive credit for six months, was jailed in prison shortly after his conviction and was sentenced to three years’ probation and a fine of $75,000.
There is no parole in the federal prison system, but thanks to good credit, Shkreli can be released after nearly six years of service.
The judge has ordered Shkreli, who will be 35 on March 17, to give up nearly $7.4 million to the federal government.
And she ordered him to get mental health counseling during his probation.
A psychological examination carried out before his decision by Shkreli found that he had generalized anxiety disorder, major depression and an undefined personality disorder.
Shkreli also revealed that he drank seven to eight alcoholic drinks a day since he was indicted in the case in late 2015 to address his anxiety. The judge said he called the “toxic behavior”.
After the release, Shkreli will be barred from holding a majority stake in the company, as well as the company’s executive or directorship.
Brough, outside the court, said: “I think that when people like Shi Kelei profit will be in prison, it is hard to claim victory, but if you ask me, if things could be worse,” brough said.
“The government didn’t get what they wanted, and we didn’t get what we wanted,” Mr. Brafman said. “This is an excellent judge, and I think it took a lot of time to review the facts and all the letters that Mr. Shcreley wrote, and she made the decision that we all have to endure.”
He added, “Martin is fine.”
After another company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, which was founded by Shkreli, decided to raise the price of drugs by 5,500 percent, Shkreli caused widespread negative media attention.
But Shkreli’s ruling has nothing to do with the price of the anti-parasite drug Daraprim.
It has nothing to do with his social media, including Hillary Clinton, hip-hop group members and journalists.
“I want to reiterate what I said from the beginning – this experiment is not about his public role, nor about his actions or statements about drug pricing,” Matsumoto said.
“I will judge my judgment on the basis of his conviction.”


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