The bitcoin rout continued, with the fifth consecutive losing streak.


Sales of the digital currency rose on Friday as the price of a cryptocurrency bitcoin fell below $9,000, ending a miserable week.
According to CoinDesk, the price of a single bitcoin, BTCUSD, fell 3.6% to $8,981.03, but rebounded to a low of $8,370.80. This week, bitcoin fell about 20 percent.
Other encryption currencies are lower. According to CoinDesk, ethers fell 0.1 per cent to $702.72 and bitcoin fell 2.6 per cent to $1,010.38, while the currency returned to green after falling to $160.43, up 6.2 per cent to $188.28.
According to CoinDesk, the Ripple recovered to $0.83 on the same day after a 10 percent drop.
The continued slide in bitcoin came after a sharp fall on Thursday, some of which were attributed to technical factors.
“If prices stabilise in the next few days, then we are back on track, with higher prices ahead of us. But if we don’t bounce back in the next few days, we’ll probably test the lower price before a bigger bounce, “Jani Ziedins said on his Cracked Market blog.
Others think that regulatory concerns investors may feel shocked On Wednesday, the U.S. securities and exchange commission warned investors to invest in the regulation and exchange, and stricter requirements in all channels of trade restrictions.

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However, some believe the sell-off will be short-lived, with much of the downward pressure being the result of a flow driven supply.
“The mountains. According to Tom Lee, managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors in a research note, in our view, Gox clearing is actually a short-term (but painful) suspension.
“But we think it’s a short-term problem,” said li, who believes that once money is allocated from the clearing, creditors will reinvest in encrypted money markets.
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Futures markets track spot prices lower. Cboe Global Markets’ march contract XBTH8, -4.24%, fell 3.2% to $9,135, while CME Group Inc. ‘s march contract BTCH8, -3.51% closed at $9,015, down 4.1%.


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