The trump-king talks show that America’s strategy is working – deputy prime minister pense.


U.S. vice President mike pence says north Korea’s decision to meet with U.S. President Donald trump has demonstrated that the U.S. strategy is working.
He said the United States has made “zero concessions” and will remain under pressure until denuclearization is achieved.
The agreement to hold an unprecedented summit shocked observers.
But the White House later said north Korea had to take “concrete steps” before any meeting.
Just a few months ago, Mr. Trump and Kim jong-un, the north Korean leader, hurled abuse at each other.
But now Mr Trump has reached an agreement at the invitation of South Korea. No American President has met with north Korean leaders.
Laura Bicker: political gambling in the 21st century.
Kim trump speaks in 400 words.
Can Kim learn from trump’s “art of trading”?
“There are so many deals with north Korea,” Mr. Trump said.
He hailed the move as a “great step forward” but said the sanctions would continue until a nuclear-free agreement was reached.
Analysts say north Korea has stopped missile and nuclear tests in previous talks, only to resume when it has lost patience or felt it did not meet its demands.
Some expressed concern that the trump regime could be “caught in a north Korean trap”, ignoring any tangible return to give ground.
Later, White House spokesman Sarah sanders said the President would ask north Korea to take “concrete steps and concrete actions” before any meeting.
She did not specify what those steps were, nor did she repeat the previous meeting, which will be held in May.
There has been no mention of the development of north Korean state media.
Meanwhile, in Sweden, local diplomatic sources are quoted as saying that north Korea’s foreign minister, Geneva, will soon visit the Swedish foreign minister.
The Swedish representative office in Pyongyang represents the United States, Canada and Australia in the diplomatic interest there.
The great gamble of the moon.
The BBC’s Laura bicker in Seoul.

South Korean President Moon jae-in admits there will be obstacles in the future. He is managing expectations and can make mistakes.
His approval rating hit during the winter Olympic Games, because he will north and women’s lacrosse players together, and met with Pyongyang is a general, he was accused of making a deadly attacks on South Korea, even though they have rebounded after.
These conversations are a huge gamble for an ugly communist country.
But if he can help achieve that goal, it could reduce the threat of nuclear war and possibly win the Nobel peace prize.
If all else fails, it will return to the edge.
Speaking outside the White House after the meeting, south Korean national security adviser zhong ruiyong said Kim was ready to sit down with the U.S. President and is now “committed to denuclearization.”
In a statement to the Washington post, north Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations said Kim’s “courageous decision” would help ensure “peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and east Asia.”
How to talk to the world’s most secretive country?
Now what happens?
There is no indication that the talks are likely, but the demilitarized zone on the south Korean border (DMZ) and Beijing are seen as possible options.
What can be on the agenda?
It is clear that denuclearization is a key issue for the United States, South Korea and our Allies.


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