A man in the province of alberta has been held hostage in Mexico, providing a harrowing warning for canadians.


David baggers told global news that he and his wife were taken hostage and held captive by men with automatic weapons. But his alleged lack of help-even the response of the country’s local authorities -has exacerbated his disappointment.
“It happened so fast, so great shock, so I think you can imagine is that ‘this is not really happen to me,” the 77 – year – old told the global news on Wednesday, “but this is the case.
On January 15, he and his wife arrived at an apartment in mazatlan, in the state of sinaloa, Mexico, for a four-month stay, a month after the carjacking began, Mr. Bagas said. He and his wife left mazatlan around 9 a.m., according to Mr. Baggers, and another couple who were visiting them in Arizona.
“We decided to go to the durango freeway (40D highway) to see the baruch bridge between mazatlan and durango,” he said.
He says he suspects there are some evil things on the journey, five or six kilometres away.
“We were encased in three cars. One cut us in the front, one on the left side of my truck, one behind us, “he said. “They forced us off the highway [and] stopped.
“Four men jumped out of every other car with automatic weapons and told us to leave the truck.”
Piebalgs said, forcing all these people travel together with him to his ford F – 150 in the back seat, a few miles driven them into the highway, and then shut down on a dirt road that leads to the forest.
“They took us back there – about 10 kilometers – they stopped in the middle of the road, took us out of the truck, and robbed us of all our money and jewelry, watches and mobile phones.”
At this point, Mr. Bagas says the incident has become more disturbing.
“They in truck driving the car, two of them left behind with automatic weapons, the us in the woods of the dry creek bed, where we met a Mexican family – a man, his wife and two sons – their trucks have been in the top 30 minutes we were hijacked,” he said. “We were taken to the forest and farther and farther away.
“‘ don’t do anything stupid, stay calm, ‘” said Mr. Bagas, a Mexican prisoner who spoke English.
“‘ I don’t think they will hurt us. I think we will. ‘”
He said he learned from the victims in Mexico that they knew someone was following them and reporting to the police. Somehow, he said, their abductors seemed to realize that the police were following them, though he was not sure how.
“Our captives held mobile phones in their hands. They were talking to their other robbers, and they knew that the police were on their way, so they let us go farther and farther into the woods. ”
When the armed men ran away, all the prisoners were told to get out of the way.
“When we got to the road, there were four or five police cars – the national police, the city police department – there were a few paramedics there.”
He said the police accepted their statement and provided a copy of the police report he submitted to global news. All in all, he said he and his party were held for about six hours.
“It was our day. “Very exciting,” he said. “Fortunately, we were not hurt, except in spirit.

“It’s a very traumatic mental problem.”
He said he would publish his story two months later because he was talking about a lack of action on the case. According to him, no arrests have been made, and he has heard more similar cases of kidnappings perpetrated by his kidnappers.
He also said that so far, he hasn’t tried to redeem him to Mexico customs officials to pay $400 in deposits, to be able to drive his truck (by alberta plates) into the country, he suggested that this is the standard protocol for foreigners to bring vehicles into the country.
Piebalgs said, “this is not only lost money, this is an inconvenience, he now does not bring into the country, new car because the authorities say that he already have a car in Mexico, and accused him of illegal sale of the vehicle.
When global news asked him why he can’t simply report to the customs officer, what happened to the police report said they, he said the police told him that they are trying to make the customs officials to act without success.
“The bottom line is, after two months of talking to various organizations here in mazatlan, no one is doing a damn thing,” he said. “At least at the state level, no one in the Mexican government CARES about our situation to provide any assistance.”
The whole situation has left him and his wife on the edge, he said, and he is now warning other canadians about the problem of a country of 120 million people.
“There is violence and police corruption in this case, the tourists should know one thing, if they are here what happened, they probably didn’t get any help from the local authorities,” he said.
He added that while he did not know how his abductors were apparently aware that the police were tracking them in the morning, they seemed to know what was happening. He said the kidnapped Mexican family told him they thought someone had to keep the hijackers all the time.
The federal government is currently providing travel advice to canadians, including the sinaloa state, one of the mainstay of the Mexican drug cartels’ powerful killing war. Although mazatlan not a part of the consultation, but urged canadians to avoid non-essential travel to all other areas of tin state, “because of the high degree of violence, mainly associated with organised crime.”


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