What entrepreneurs need to know about success on the exchanges?


Last year, the world exchange federation released a report saying that many of the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises were not fully aware of or education’s decision on equity financing. The results show that, the company leaders may not be able to obtain information on various key list, such as corporate governance requirements and continued listing costs, this requires critical evaluation of public benefits.
Therefore, business owners tend to expect intermediaries to guide the decision-making process, which does not always provide the best advice. Some U.S. investment Banks, for example, it is not necessary to permit the company listed on the exchange in Canada, so they often suggest Canadian companies through mergers and acquisitions, quit – this is often more profitable, and often lower bank risk.
There is no doubt that so many consultants will encourage them to promote mergers and acquisitions, rather than argue for the company’s development in the open market. Or, according to public opinion, going public is a big liquidity event for existing shareholders, not an opportunity to raise growth capital.
Building a long-term business requires flexibility in all aspects of the company, and the financing structure is no exception. The open market offers a good opportunity to do so – they allow early investors and new investors who want to grow with the company. But in order to be successful, entrepreneurs must have a good grasp of some important factors.
1. Understand the changing market and the complex listing.
Corporate governance requirements are a good starting point. Regulations will vary according to the location of the exchange, and specific listing requirements (including initial and ongoing) will vary depending on the exchange.
The new exchange will also shake up the market. Nigeria, for example, the new exchange is planned by the securities and exchange commission, in order to meet the strict Nigeria stock exchange listing requirements from the needs of small and medium-sized companies, it has to do with us in Canada TSX and TSX venture exchange’s achievements. Countries around the world are setting up similar small-cap exchanges, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and the us.

The market continues to evolve, so it is important to understand how the selected trading platform is aligned with the company’s development and long-term goals. For example, companies seeking liquidity need to be different from exchanges, rather than companies seeking long-term financing.
List on an exchange where appropriate checks are made.
In the New York stock exchange, which is usually reserved for the world’s largest companies, the average company must have a pre-tax profit of more than $10 million. However, there are many other excellent exchanges. Your choice should focus on the current growth phase of your company.
Choosing an exchange that meets the appropriate listing standards will give you confidence in your business (and other) regulations and provide the experience of public market requirements as you grow and mature.
Listing requirements don’t need to be too complicated, but they do need to provide support systems to promote market integrity. For example, in TSX, we conduct background checks and review financial statements, business plans and disclosure practices. Our listing requirements is very simple, but they help to ensure that the listed company has a clear business plan and enough money to test the business model, and operating within a year without having to raise additional funds.
3. Establish a legacy with a wide range of investment partners.
Fundable says less than 1 percent of companies end up with venture capitalists. The alternative to venture capital funds is just one of many reasons why the public has benefited the company in the early stages. It also provides investors with a wider range of early access and makes them feel like a bigger part of it, while keeping the management team in control over the long term.


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