British defense minister Gavin Williamson said the world’s patience was as thin as putin’s.


According to the defence minister, Russian President vladimir putin is trying to split Britain from its Allies.
In tallinn, Estonia Gavin Williamson says, putin and his action let patience and around the world – in the United States, Canada and the European Union announced a coordinated mass deportations Russian diplomats before a few hours.
He said the world was unified by the British as “a powerful message to the kremlin”.
The Russian government has responded by claiming that Britain’s nerve of the former spy in Salisbury has been accused of “crossing the border with bandits”.
Moscow says it will retaliate against deportation at an appropriate time.
“The reaction will be symmetrical, and we will respond to it in the next few days and will respond to each country,” one source told RIA.
Mr Williamson said that popular support in Britain was “itself a failure of President putin”.
“President putin and his actions dwarf the patience of the world. In fact, across the alliance, across the eu, countries have come out in support of the United Kingdom… I actually think that’s the best response we can have, “he said.
“They (the kremlin) intention is, their goal is divided, we see the world behind united stance in the UK, this itself is a great victory, and sent the kremlin and President putin had a particularly strong information.”
Russia’s novichok program exists, I try
Williamson arrived Sunday in Estonia’s capital, began a two-day visit, look at the British troops stationed there is NATO in the Baltic states to prevent Russia’s invasion of part of a task.
He spoke to his Estonian foreign minister, giulio luk, who said Estonia was ready to stand firm in Britain, just as Britain was in his country.
Poland’s intelligence agencies ABW said Monday that it has detained Friday a polish officials malik W, because he suspected he working with Russian intelligence, send them the information about the overall investment in Poland.

Mr Williamson has been speaking out loud about Russia’s involvement in the March 4 attack on the double agent, sergei skaliphal, and his daughter, yulia.
Earlier this month, he said, when asked about the kremlin should be how to respond to 23 diplomat, is considered to be a spy, expelled from England because of poisoning, Russia should “go away and shut up”.
He said: “we have to do is how to respond to what we do look at Russia, Russia in Salisbury do is cruel and absurd, we have already responded.
“Frankly, Russia should go away and shut up.”
He accused Russia of “dumping the international rule book” to destabilise other countries, as it continued to increase military spending despite its economic activity.
After leaving the hospital on Sunday, the neurotoxic agents were released from the hospital where Skripals was hospitalized.
On the same day, the European Union’s foreign chief Federica Mogherini was recalled to Brussels after suffering a poisoning from the smyth alliance, holding crisis talks with Moscow’s ambassador marcus edler.
By the end of the week, the 27 eu leaders had unanimously backed the British assessment that the kremlin was responsible for the Wiltshire attack.


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