Trump has dumped Virginia chief David sholkin, who will oversee his private doctor.


President Donald trump on Wednesday to overturn the department of veterans affairs minister David Shulkin Dr Position, he has experienced after several months of turmoil in the agency reports that the secretary has already from the President of the gra fallen.
The President announced on twitter that he would nominate his personal physician, Dr. Rodney Jackson, to replace him. Deputy defense secretary Robert Wilkie will be acting secretary during this period.
Mr Sholkin is the rest of the Obama administration. In the President’s position within a wider range of staffing changes after his recall solved, including cancellation national security adviser, McMaster, human resource and secretary of state, rex tillerson.
[plus: with David Shulkin on fire, what’s next for the Virginia EHR modernization?]
The shooting was not shocking. Reported to have rotated more than a month, trump has lost patience for shulgin, this is due to be responsible for a negative reports, Virginia attorney general’s office said sorkin abuse in Europe in the summer work travel federal money.

That tension rose when Shulkin announced to the press that he had been authorized to sack incompetent virginians.
Shulkin was popular on both sides of the party aisle, and his agency’s modernization effort was praised by congress. During his brief tenure, he helped pass 11 congressional bills aimed at bringing change to the scandal-plagued institution.
[in addition, as the price increases, Shulkin has doubled the modernization of EHR]
He also launched a 24-hour hotline for veterans of the complaints and created a waiting time of tracking va medical center platform, is committed to relieve the backlog of backlog of applications, and start the ambitious Anywhere to Anywhere in the remote medical treatment plan.
Currently, there is no word on whether the agency will sign a planned contract with Cerner to replace the agency’s traditional EHR.


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