Meet CuteCircuit: the British fashion technology brand is loved by Fergie and Katy Perry.


The popularity of the 1990s was about loose cargo pants, butterfly hairpins, and chokers.
But now, celebrities are wearing online clothing.
Katy perry in the world the first LED dress caught the attention of the world, while the former Pussycat Doll, nicole “chirp” shu singer in the world’s first paragraph garment won fans in surprise.
All this is because, more than a decade ago, in Italy’s haute couture world, the dream of fashion designer Francesca rossella was bigger (and weirder) than your Spice Girls platform sneakers.
“I suggest making an evening dress embroidered with electric hair, which will shine on the wearer’s movement,” she told Forbes.
“No one wants to try something so new.”
Later, in Germany, the label was ready, and the pioneer even proposed a wallet with built-in GPS to prevent theft or loss. But the idea was shot down again.
How much should these brands play now?
The rise of CuteCircuit has been a success.
In 2004, rosela co-founded her fashion luxury brand, CuteCircuit, with Ryan GENZ, milan’s fellow graduate student interaction design institute, evreia.
She said it was the world’s first wearable tech fashion brand and became the world’s first Internet connection.
Today, CuteCircuit’s clients include model Irina Shayk, hip hop star Fergie and rock U2, a brand that has a place in the rapidly growing $5.8 billion wearable tech market.
Its Hug Shirt (the world’s first tactile top) and the Galaxy Dress (still the world’s largest wearable display) won the prize.
Its interactive clothing has been on display at New York fashion week, and its lines are even high on the streets of iconic shops such as London’s Selfridges.
CuteCircuit has been looking for new breakthroughs, and last year even unveiled the world’s first graphene dress.
“Our designs aren’t just concepts or science fiction, they’re real magic,” Rosella said.

CuteCircuit’s design may be magical, but the company is not easily successful.
Although the company made its first profit in 2006, the cost of the innovation experiment seems to have taken years.
Only in recent years, the profits to soar, the company’s financial situation from about 50000 pounds in 2015 jumped to about 150000 pounds in 2017 to last year’s success has prompted CuteCircuit from east London fashion Shoreditch migrated to a new office three storeys, the city’s financial center, the floor space of the canary wharf.
It’s all about timing.
Rosella said CuteCircuit was not ready for the fashion world for the first time. But the recent collaboration with chanel and converse shows the maturity of the market.
In January 2018 alone, the company sold more than 100 bright mirror bags for 1,600 pounds (more than $2,200). These displays messages and tweets from smartphones.
CuteCircuit’s online store now has a delicate hand-made pleated silk chiffon dress with hundreds of rechargeable miniature leds for 2,500 pounds ($3,500).
Rosella said that while previous fans’ favorite gowns included the tuxedo, and the thousands of controlled miniature leds and bright one-sideboard Nieves Dress.
Prices for CuteCircuit products are typically between 2,00 and 4,500 pounds ($280 – $6,300), she added, and bespoke fashion demands are more expensive.
The opposite of fast fashion.
The CuteCircuit team says all CuteCircuit products are designed to continue clothing and cultural products.
In fact, many museums are permanently displayed in iconic museums such as the barbican museum, the Boston museum of fine arts and the FIT museum.
The smithsonian’s design museum is currently showing SoundShirt, a clothing that allows the deaf to experience music during the concert through tactile sensations. And CuteCircuit’s infini-t shirt is the latest edition of the world’s first connected T-shirt, which will be on display at the London fashion and textile museum.


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