Refusing to win: how does Sarah michelle gella and her co-founders build a new baking brand?


“I need to make a decision about that,” said Sarah michelle gayla.
Her two co-founders, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, stopped talking and joined in. This is in the middle of November, they stand in the center of the Los Angeles startups: a converted garage, clinic half a block away from the pan, and the back two rows of the table, co-founder of slash conference room Shared in front of the office, and what are these words batches? High above the middle kitchen. This is Foodstirs, their baking ingredient company, and in a week’s time, Gellar will be at Harry Connick Jr., Harry, by baking… To promote their products. But what? It’s a decision.
The next moment is quick: the three seem to be mostly talking to each other, excitedly seeking consensus, as if promoting collective thought.
Gayla: “I think we have to make gingerbread.”
Fleishman: “this is pre-christmas pre-sale.”
Laibow: “so gingerbread and -”
Good; Go ahead: celebrity endorses baking mix? Is this a company worth taking seriously? This is not the first time people have fired or insulted Foodstirs – even the founder’s face. Foodstirs was abandoned by countless investors. Retailers. Suppliers. Mr Gayla found that some industry types scoffed at companies because they were involved. (if her identity needs to be explained by the brutal intent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ask anyone alive in the 1990s). “If we don’t answer this question, then the company won’t exist,” said CEO lebov. “They would say, ‘cute little baking brand! Oh, that’s great. Not for us. ‘”
Then her tone became harsh, as if advising investors still in the room: “no. That’s a big idea. ”

Biggest idea is this: $26.8 billion in baked goods and ready to have a hole in the food category, it can be filled using high quality raw materials to the mass market selling price of products, and as far as possible, focusing on the food just like family fun. It is a concept that Fleishman calls “an idea hidden in the obvious” in retail from kashgar to Coca-Cola’s career. Foodstirs when others eyes to actively establish a supply chain, put products in more than 7500 stores (plus, starting from April, 8000 starbucks in a special “one minute cup cake”) and hone a story and a win investor information. In fact, the cute little baking brand is a story of a keen strategy and resilience.
So back to the decision. After some debate, the team decided to squeeze two separate items onto their harry court. First, the gingerbread man. Then, a “dark food” adult treat – balls made with white cake, eggnog and cake flavored vodka, when the children go to bed. “All the ideas behind it are repetitive,” says Gellar. By using baking combinations on television to create unexpected things, they remind consumers how flexible their products are. A cake mix is more than just a cake.
Two hours later, the chef at Foodstirs formulated the recipe and executed the first batch. Gela brought them into the team’s upcoming brand meeting. “Harry,” she announced. “Have you ever tried harry? That’s what I’m going to call them. Harry will love his ball. ”
Galit Laibow started the big idea. She had worked in public relations, but in 2011, while sharing maternity leave with her second child, she began to imagine her children asking her why she earned a living. Her answer should be, “I help people get on TV and sell their products.” Suddenly feel empty. Their products? “I want my kids to be part of it – they can be proud of it,” she said.
At the time, her eldest daughter was obsessed with food networks. “I think people really like it,” Laibow said. “Cooking is an important part of the family and a way for people to get together.” That’s the truth. Someone told her it was her only experience. Her parents worked full-time; There weren’t many kitchen moments. Since she was a parent, Laibow did not bake much. But she began to want it – not baking, really, but experience. Memories.


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