Which markets are closed on Friday?


Major U.S. markets will be closed prior to the good Friday, and most European exchanges will be closed on Easter Monday.
America’s financial markets will be closed on March 30th to celebrate good Friday. Easter weekend, including Easter Monday, April 2, also coincides with the start of Passover on Friday.
The long weekend will leave investors with a respite after weeks of trade war rhetoric, new U.S. tariffs and central bank action, including a fed rate hike. Second-quarter earnings will also be profitable in the second quarter, starting in April.
On good Friday, the New York stock exchange, nasdaq and the CME Globex futures and options, including stock YMM8, CL1 + 0.37% + 0.98% and commodities such as crude oil and the currency America: BTCH8, will close the deal.
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The U.S. securities industry and financial markets association recommended that all government TMUBMUSD10Y, + 0.00% and other fixed-income securities, be priced in U.S. dollars at 2 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday.
All of Europe’s major stock exchanges will be closed within two days, including Germany’s Dax Dax, + 1.31%, France’s CAC 40 PX1 + 0.72% and the UK’s ftse ftse index -1.00%.
In Asia, the Singapore stock exchange will be closed while exchanges in Japan and Taiwan will open.
Money markets will open in two days, but trading volumes could be very low.
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