Best company in the field of health care and biopharmaceuticals.


Health care and the biotech industry are changing. To make employees happy, companies in this area have to adapt, become flexible and stick to their values. Big benefits and perks won’t hurt either. To compile the list, “wealth” partner Great Place to Work interviewed thousands of workers. Here are the top jobs/life balance scores in both industries and the top companies that employees really like to work.
Employees say:
“I appreciate that everyone on the table is encouraged to speak and to provide an opinion. I like our leaders to endorse the idea of “best idea wins”, rather than relying solely on the opinions and guidance of leaders. ”
“The teamwork of my unit and the other teams I’ve been through are unparalleled. I have worked here for a year and still like to work, because I feel support and love my colleagues. You can’t find it anywhere. I am also a student. I am popular with many people. Many people encourage my education through the affirmation and learning opportunities in the clinical environment. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. ”
“What makes it a good place for me to work and feel like management really CARES about me as a person. I was considered part of the team. When necessary, everyone will do their share and help each other. ”
“I’m new here, just over two months. From day one, I’ve been providing a lot of help to the office staff and the mentors assigned to help new employees. I can honestly say that the other companies I worked for didn’t spend as much as they did on the dollar. I look forward to a very long and rewarding career here. ”
Our chief executive is approachable and listens to the staff. We keep abreast of changes in our industry. Management is proactive rather than responding to any changes that the organization needs to make. ”

“Scripps has done a great job of selecting talent that reflects the mission of the organization. This makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues because they exceed their job descriptions to ensure optimal results for the organization’s patients, plans, or overall results. The sense of employee ownership comes from the synergy between each other, which allows you to automatically feel part of the Scripps family. Chris Van Gorder is an excellent leader because he is so inclusive and peaceful in leadership that everyone feels special regardless of their role. You’ll automatically feel that he’ll roll up his sleeves and get dirty to get the job done. He also believes that leadership is rounded, and that’s what I hope more c-level executives will follow, because it makes employees feel valued. ”
“Unlike the rest of my work, you can feel positive energy from the moment you walk through the door. The benefits and support provided by Jackson healthcare enabled me to discover and cultivate my true talents. ”
“The atmosphere and culture of the company is the most unique of any company I have ever experienced. This is a family-oriented company that encourages everyone to improve the lives of everyone they touch, including inside and outside the company. Feedback is an important part of the company culture and one of the main factors that attract me to join the company first. Not only do I feel that the company really CARES about every employee, they also show their appreciation by providing excellent facilities. “


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