Dwayne’ rock ‘Johnson gave up the biggest prize in his history today.


These days, the bigger and better seems to be the mantra of HQ Trivia. Welcome The trivia game application has been linked to corporate sponsors like Nike and Warner Brothers, give up a bigger prize in recent weeks, on Wednesday afternoon, headquarters is seeking auto-mechanic “The Rock” Johnson to give up its biggest cash bonuses: $300000.
Pass day-to-day trivia game to game show application users of mobile devices, players try to answer at least a dozen multiple-choice, for in the last game to win $1000 to $250000 in cash incentives. With the number of players now reaching millions a day, most winners usually receive only a small amount of dollars, but some have gone thousands. Earlier this year, after a win $11 for happy female video of the spread of the virus type, and a man won $6000 in a recent recently told CNBC, HQ “only at the end of the day I made a habit of 10 minutes,” so it’s not a bad return.
Recently, a 25-year-old man told CNBC Make It that he got $20,000 in bonuses on the March 28 trivia program, although he was fully guessing 80 percent of the problem.

HQ Trivia Wednesday afternoon announced Monday that Johnson will take over the version of the game show host, the show will begin at 3:45 in the eastern United States time, and will provide $300000 first prize, the winner will be assigned to the game. (the number of winners per game varies, and last month’s $250, 000 bonus was split into more than a dozen.)


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