The United States, Britain has accused Russia of actively targeting Internet routers and equipment.

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In a rare joint alert, Russia has been laying the groundwork for future cyber attacks and critical infrastructure, behind the global NotPetya attack.
According to the United States and Britain issued a rare joint alarm on Monday, Russian hackers are actively targeting control Internet traffic flow of equipment, in order to gain access and monitoring western governments and enterprises.
The warning by the department of homeland security, the federal bureau of investigation and the national cyber security center offers, Outlines the Russian state support network attacks on a global scale to penetrate software and equipment, including firewall and Internet routers.
The goal, according to officials, is to steal company secrets and spy on them. They also say hackers are trying to lay the groundwork for future cyber attacks.
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“The current state of U.S. network equipment – coupled with the activities of the Russian government using these devices – threatens the security, security and economic well-being of the United States,” agency officials wrote.
Both the us and UK have found that Russia was responsible for the global NotPetya attack in May 2017. Hackers targeting and weaken the infrastructure in Ukraine, but other companies have suffered a devastating attack, including the British national health services and some of the American health care provider.
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Medical institutions need to be aware of the increase in these Russian attacks. While the health care industry may not be the original target, malware could spread quickly beyond its intended victim – as seen in NotPetya and the global WannaCry attack last June.
The warning comes at a critical time when two government cybersecurity officials have recently stepped down. The White House announced Tuesday that its cybersecurity coordinator, Rob Joyce, will leave his post to return to the nsa.
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The move comes just a week after Joyce’s former White House homeland security adviser, Thomas bostel, was suspected of being forced by a new national security adviser, John bolton. Since the announcement, Joyce has filled the role of boster with a positive identity.
Their departure leaves a big hole in the trump administration’s cybersecurity leadership.


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