This is the real cost of ignoring your problem.


I thought I was going to die.
It’s from my doctor. He told me that the process I went through showed that the tumours they had found were benign. Waiting for these results was one of the most intense fears of my life. Before I could endure the possibility of death, I could not help but think of all the other nonsense I had to deal with.
We all know that you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur. You push your mind and body to the highest point every day. You deal with huge risks and considerable stress day after day. Financially, mentally, emotionally and physically – running a business can generate tax revenue.
In addition, my passion is to help people – support my team and mentor other entrepreneurs. Now, if I had to put it all aside to deal with the disease, what would happen?
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I had to step back as usual and ask myself, “what’s the lesson here?” I’m still alive, so there must be something I can separate from this experience and share with the world. Yes, it’s super personal, but who CARES? I face the possibility of being diagnosed with the most deadly disease of our generation. I found that my body had problems, as in business, when you thought there was something wrong, more likely. With this in mind, I want to share some experience to prove my experience.
Believe my intuition is life or death.
If you haven’t read this route, you must admit that we can absolutely live or die because of our beliefs. For years, my stomach was upset, but everyone kept telling me, “you’re fine.” Every time I go to a doctor for a check-up, he says, “don’t worry.” But I think it’s urgent. I need to solve this problem immediately.
When someone has a highly valued title or expertise in an industry, people take on two things. One, this person has all the answers. Second, their professional ranking trumps our own knowledge. Dealing with this health scare proves that these assumptions are not real. In fact, I think it’s time to call that crap.
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My expertise may not be widespread in health and medicine, but it is my body and I know something is wrong. No one can convince me, not even the experts. You can respect professional knowledge, but still trust your instincts.
Similarly, if you really love your business, you must be its biggest advocate. You have to save it like you save your body. There is no gray area in this space. So what happens if the so-called experts don’t see or understand your vision? It’s hard to find your solution.
This book won’t make you a winner.

I never had a rule to do well. I used to be a more reckless person, just a dog excrement, later to deal with the consequences. Since then I have grown up, and I must measure how the consequences will affect my team and me. However, the young man who asked for forgiveness rather than permission was still with me. When I was determined to carry out my goals, persistence was my strength and saved my business and my life.
The recommended age for screening for colon cancer is 50. I went to the doctor for the last time and told him I needed to complete a medical examination. For some people in my circle, including my doctor, I seem to be a problem and spend too much time searching the Internet for my symptoms. Despite the naysayers and Suggestions, I insist that I think it is right for me.
If I want to solve the problem, I solve all the problems.
I know you can’t handle all the problems at once, but you have to deal with the big issues. Especially when it’s looking to the future. As in business, I’m very tough on this problem.
Some of the smartest, most knowledgeable people ignore their health because they’re afraid to discover what’s going on inside them. This is ridiculous. They choose to let fear win, and let themselves be validated by false positives, rather than actively detecting errors.
I can’t ignore any problems. Cancer has put my family in trouble. Coincidentally, my father and stepfather were both diagnosed with bladder cancer. Thank goodness, I got it through this. Sticking to the problem has helped me spot the danger immediately. Before they became a threat to my business or my life, I was looking for options to protect what I built. If you’re waiting for a terminal diagnosis, your money is completely depleted or it’s too late to give up the wrong employee. Your pivot and overcoming abilities have just been seriously hampered.
No one knows your body or your business. People told me not to worry, if I listened, it could develop into a terrible situation later in the day, which is simply a problem that a simple operation can’t solve. The goal is to be in the dark for anyone — not your family, not your friends, not your team, especially not you.


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