Big data helps health systems to match patients to providers, and services.


The university health system in SAN Antonio, Texas, was able to get 2,000 to 1 investment returns by using analytics and marketing techniques to drive new patients to mammograms.
Health systems are using big data to better understand the needs of patients and doctors. First, it provides targeted information to women over 40 in the health systems community, who have not received mammograms in the past 12 months.
At the same time, promote the organization of local doctors received outpatient imaging of the practice of information, in order to increase education and referral – causing tens of thousands of new patients using the service, and offer a 2000-1 the return on investment.
[in addition, with the help of regional HIE, population health plan USES social determinants data]
“University health system regularly to understand the change of medical services in the form of data-driven dynamic and our community’s needs,” university health system strategic planning and business development, senior vice President of Ted Day said. “In the evaluation system and its academic partners UT Health services by the San Antonio service demand and supply a wide range of geographic region transfer mode, strategic planning and business development functions adopted the way of thinking.”
In the past few years, this functional leader has tried several different technical solutions to determine which ones can access these patterns at any time and are relatively complete. Health systems determine tea health analysis and marketing techniques and services.
“The university health system has tried some different systems in evaluating which solutions are most helpful,” dell declined to name the system.
As he explains, “for analysis and provide services in areas of ‘ground to start the function of the most helpful system are those who can provide their claim data widely payer system – not only including Medicare or just the main payer commercials – those who work for the personnel to provide simple and intuitive data entry functions, and the final report can be adjusted by meaningful and function to balance these attributes. ”

The ideal solution, Day said, would be a powerful interface for the above functions – vendor relationship management or PRM systems – with a strong customer relationship management or CRM system. He says the health system has yet to find an ideal solution that is equally powerful in both PRM and CRM.
For the university Health system, Tea Leaves Health technology can provide extensive claims data through its PRM application to assess the trend of community Health service supply and demand. Field staff assess these patterns and discuss preferences and opportunities with individual providers in the community.
“This marketing technology promotes the right kind of dialogue with the right type of provider, and in an effective, data-oriented way,” Day said.
Suppliers such as Ascend, Evariant, Infor, Salesforce, Silverline and Software Solutions Group currently have various supplier relationship management systems in the market.
David said, realize university health system, the change of medical services to provide fast, in fact is accelerating merged with various entities in traditional health care services, even outside of the department of providers and pharmaceutical and health care entities to form partnerships.
“The consumer’s view of buying health care is growing every day,” he said. “All of these trends are driven by data analysis, and their eventual success will be measured by new results that show the results of new alliances and approaches.”
In addition, the speed with which any risk or new strategy can be understood can quickly test whether health systems are achieving results, or whether another method of rapid deployment is more advantageous, he said.
“Therefore, the use of a system that provides new insights based on a monthly basis is a valuable tool for effective and flexible decision-making,” he added.


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