Eight ways to say “no” so you say “yes” to the most important thing depends on knowing how to say no.


The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur contributors are their own.
As an entrepreneur, your time and energy are always in demand. If you’re not careful, too many “ebay” distractions and invitations – like coffee without a specific purpose – can ruin your creativity and productivity.
Successful entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles revealed how to say “no” once and for all.
1. Run every opportunity through the touchstone.
When I was in my early 20s, I thought that ambition meant sparing no effort, no potential customers, no contacts or leaders to develop. As I matured, I realized:
Our bandwidth is limited – burnout is a real, harsh reality.
Maintaining a balance between work, relationships, exercise and spiritual practice (for me, it’s meditation, yoga and the natural world) is not only healthy, but it also leads to higher quality work.
Playing this long game and looking at the big picture is a better strategy than making decisions now – usually based on the concept of missed opportunities based on fear.
I run every opportunity, request, meet, or invite to pass the touchstone: this will push the needle in my career? Is it a service? Is this deliberately nurturing me spiritually and emotionally? What did someone do for me? Is it reciprocal?
If it doesn’t fall into one of these categories, I’ll pass it politely so that I can get and fully present the opportunity. – Molly bloom, entrepreneur, author and oscar-nominated “Molly’s game” inspiration; The world’s most unique poker club has been built for billionaires and Hollywood celebrities. Watch Molly’s game on iTunes!
Create an automated response to say ‘no’.
I tried to teach myself to say “no” so that I could serve more “yes” over the years, but found that I was willing to please others and agreed that their incessant demands were ingrained in my system.

E-mail is the biggest offender; I give myself A hard “A”, but “F”, carried out A due to the lack of discipline in the key areas I feel disgusted, I hired an assistant for me say “no”, and implementation of the auto reply jokingly writes (my daughter), such A strategy, like magic, created A lot of pleasant reaction – I overlooked!
“Thank you very much for your support.
Instead of using my computer as a way to avoid electronic distraction, I hid in a cave in the Himalayas. However, if you need to contact me, you can do so by transporting pigeons.
Although homing pigeons usually take weeks to get to Tibet, we have trained our players to achieve 20 times what they thought possible… Therefore, your information should arrive in one day.
But for those urgent and timely information, I will use the mental toughness skills I learned during my time in the earth – and regain my telepathy. (or you can contact support@unbeatablemind.com)
May the army be with you! “-mark Divine retired navy seal commander, SEALFIT founder and NYT/WSJ best-selling author; Focus on SEALFIT on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.
3. Only say ‘yes’ to the meeting and have a clear purpose.
Don’t be afraid to say no, I know it’s one of the best ways to define boundaries and focus on what really matters. It is especially important that one of your assistants is your guard at the time. A great assistant knows more about your schedule, priorities and usability than you do.
As chief executive, I have received many offers and offers without a clear purpose for the meeting. Despite the taste, time is our most precious commodity, so I must allocate it wisely. If something doesn’t have a purpose, I can’t promise it, so politely decline.
The secret to my unfailing success is having an excellent support team. I seldom arrange a meeting I don’t want to attend. My assistant gets as much information as possible about the invitation or the opportunity to study it before introducing the person or company so that we can respond accordingly.
Remember, there is a difference between busy and productive. When it comes to effective leadership, I choose productivity. – Dottie Herman, chief executive of a real estate brokerage empire, with annual sales of more than $27 billion.


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