How to deal with when the market is going badly?


After a long period of steady growth, the stock market is already under pressure and bonds are also the source of headaches. What should an investor do? For insight and perspective, check out our quarterly investment report.
In retrospect, 2017 is an extraordinary time for investors. The US stock market has steadily risen, and it has never fallen sharply, even once. Making money on the stock market is easy, and there are relatively few skills and concerns.
This is not the situation this year. The stock market has been fluctuating from top to bottom. Although the stock market did not drop sharply by historical standards, the 9-year bull market fell in February and did not fully recover. Bonds are often a stable source of stock market declines, but they also lose their foundation, even though they are not as stocks.
Despite this, 2018 is a difficult time even for those with diversified portfolios and long-term prospects. This may be a good time to get some ideas.
We have chosen nine articles, reported and analyzed the whereabouts of the market, and found some clues. As always, in these quarterly reports, the selection provided an introduction to the investment. We hope that at least some of these articles will make you happy.
A trade war may leave investors with nowhere to hide.
As investor concerns about protectionism and inflation led to the first quarterly loss since 2015, stocks and bond funds both fell, and the stock market remained vulnerable. What happened here may depend on the prospect of a friendly relationship (or trade war) between the United States Federal Reserve Board (Fed) and the United States and China.
Look for emerging market stocks with social conscience.
By focusing only on those companies whose environmental, social, and governance records follow the core principles, it is possible to invest in emerging markets. More importantly, early evidence suggests that such well-feeling funds may be able to overcome their traditional relatives.
With the depreciation of the dollar, investors should look overseas (carefully)
International equity funds are enjoying a currency advantage, but a weaker dollar may cause trouble for foreign exporters. It may make sense to focus on those companies that settled overseas but whose profits would not be affected by further declines in the dollar.
Look for my own easy-to-win trade war.

President Obama said that the trade war is “good” and “easy to win.” “Our columnist decided to participate.” But it turns out that victory is not so simple.
The three funds have found ways to win in difficult times.
Three stock mutual funds benefited from the coffee of a king of donuts, a technologically revival, and a re-growth in Brazil.
Focusing on managers’ best ideas may not be a good idea.
The so-called “focus funds” managers have only 30 or 40 companies. They said that widely dispersed investment is not very good. But as a group, these funds are not, despite some obvious exceptions.
Warren Buffett doesn’t like bonds. But they may be good for you.
In the first quarter, both bonds and stocks lost their value. But for many people, holding them still makes sense.
Inflated debt may cause problems for energy, telecommunications and retail.
For companies with strong cash flow, debt does not have to be a big problem. But in these three industries, some companies are facing pressure.
A personal finance book based on happiness rather than money.
A classic update will ask readers if they are really better, and advise them to weigh the work needed to buy and produce.
Jeff Sommer wrote a column on market, finance and economics. He also edited business news. Before that, he was a national editor. He is a foreign editor of News Daily and a reporter for Asia and Eastern Europe.


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