The craziest plan is: How Richard Rawlings squeezed in the TV show “Fast N’ Loud” and used it to create a multi-million dollar company. s brand.


Richard Rawlings makes a harsh noise when he walks.
The 49-year-old reality show star and the global brand manager let me visit the “Aqi Monkey Factory”, a car playground that was built in three buildings in the northwest industrial zone of Dallas. This is where his car shop is located, and is also the background of his popular series of “Discovery, Fast N’ Loud” – Hot Rod series. Of course, it also includes world-class cars.
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Rollins wore his grey, Pompard-style, red flannel jacket, black v-neck, jeans, and pointed goatee, and it looked like a devil on the shoulders of every father on a youth football field. When he showed me, the gold and silver bracelets on both wrists let me know. He stays in each car because they all have a story, which is part of his car. He showed me a low-hanging, rusty rust 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline, which was the first car made in his garage; in 1968, a huner -green Shelby Mustang, who was riding high on off-road tires. It looks like the wild horse that appeared in the 1999 Thomas Crest event. Rawlings said: “I have already refused a large sum of money to buy the car.”
Despite this, even in the richness of this traditional steel, rubber, and glass, Rawlings’s thoughts go to cars that he does not own: a Lamborghini Miura he found a few years ago. Since the early 1970s, a man in Florida has owned it. Rollins tried to buy it four times, but he always refused. This is not to stop Rawlings from calling. He said: “Because everyone goes home, so he will be on Christmas holiday.” Usually on Christmas Eve, sometimes before Christmas. This will continue, one assumption, forever.
He said: “I think I will eventually get this car.” “I’ll grab him at the right time.”
This is an interesting aspect because Richard Rawlings, if nothing else, is not a person known for his patience. In the 6 years since the first release of The Flash, he has become a million-dollar brand. This is the name of his auto repair shop. This is a multi-million dollar brand. It’s Tail is almost everywhere: four restaurants and a 2,000-seat concert venue; monkey clothing and household items and accessories; cinnamon tequila and energy drinks; Texas lottery games; Miller Wright, Dikai, etc. He now employs more than 600 employees, although he said he failed twice in the wrong move – “I could have gone to Harvard twice, I lost money in the car” – but it did not scare him.
“This is the secret of the monkey: it’s fast,” he said. I opened my first restaurant in a year and a half. Most people wait for five years. I always act quickly. In today’s market, no matter what you are doing, you can recover from mistakes instead of recovering from failure. Whether entering the alcohol industry, engaging in energy and beverage business, or entering bars and restaurants, you must act quickly. If you think it will work, do it. If not, leave as soon as possible.
Rawlings acted quickly because he always knew where he was going. Some people feel it coming out from success to success and arrange one on top of the other. For Rawlings, this is a straight line. Before he had a garage or fashion show, he proposed the concept of his own brand. He built a gas station on TV and then he went on TV and went to other places. It took eight years to convince people that he was right. But he eventually caught up with them on the right day.
“This guy, he knows how to use this program to get what he wants,” said Craig Coffman, senior vice president of production and development at Discovery. “He can do better than anyone I have found.”

Of course, there is no shortcut to strategy. Rawlings has many.
“He may be the most radical entrepreneur I have ever worked with,” continued Coffman. “Seriously, that guy never stopped. He had a hundred ideas every second. I was sitting in his office. I walked past him and there was a billboard on a highway a mile away. His face was written on it.The guy put his company’s name on the roof so that the plane could see it.He was a marketing madman.Since I knew him, it was a blur of business activities.
No one knows what he can really do.
Rawlings’s main product was the first episode of the “Fast N’ Loud” when the monkeys rebuilt the Ford a-car, Richard Rawlings. The idea of ​​Richard Rawlings: “whoo” – Tyler Durden is wearing a tight black t-shirt for middle-aged, mid-American dads, eager to become one of them. member.
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The idea of ​​Richard Rawlings is his father Raymond’s muscle car version.
When Richard grew up in Fort Worth. Raymond Rawlings always has a car or a motorcycle. “It’s not the best, it’s not the best, but it’s his,” said the young Rollins. Ray is not a mechanic. It is more like a detective and a tinker. On the weekends, the neighbors will come and use the Ray’s car to mess up and drink beer in the garage.
One of them also gave Rawlings a lesson on negotiation. He still took him: “I was about 13 years old. He said:” Son, if you have a car in your pocket, you can buy a value for one day. Ten thousand dollars car. “With cash.”
All this left a deep impression on Rawlings. Before legally driving a car, he started to buy, sell, and buy cars, technically advising nearby old people. (Like his father, he was never a mechanic.)
After graduating from high school, Rollins was a suburban police officer, a firefighter, and a truck driver from Miller Lite, but his entrepreneurial spirit still exists. He founded a company called Promo Wipes. When he just graduated from high school, he printed advertisements and trademarks on luxury paper towels. This did not last long, Rawlings stumbled upon a job selling print and advertising.
He didn’t sell anything but the car, but he gave it a shot and found that he was very good at it. He knows how to talk to people, and that is most of the work. But he also knows brands well. He said: “Building a brand and helping people to clarify their identity – in terms of business identity and everything – is my specialty.” He tried to buy the company, but the owner refused to sell, so he was in 1999. With a small business loan in Dallas, a small business loan with the help of 100,000 US dollars to start their own business, and opened a store called Dallas Press in Dallas. By 2004, the company had done a good job and Rawlings was able to provide a new Lamborghini Gallardo as the first customer to spend $1 million on incentives.


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