There is a big demand for apartments in the ready suburbs.


Is it a coincidence that almost all the Australian suburbs that need new apartments are connected to the NBN network?

Perhaps, but those who know the NBN network connection are now the main factor in people’s choice of residence.

According to the REA Group, most suburbs in each state on are connected to the NBN network.

Julian Nachmias, general manager of building partnerships, said that for new apartment buyers, access to the NBN network was no longer available.

“For the first time we’ve seen people actually walk into a sales presentation office and ask the question: is there a high-speed broadband or NBN network? “Because once they get into the home, they know that if everyone is happy, they need high-speed broadband,” says Nachmias.

“We’ve done a lot of research, and one survey found that 80 percent of buyers think a reliable broadband connection is a key consideration when looking for a property. You wouldn’t have seen that many years ago.

“We see that if they can’t get the broadband they need, about 65 per cent of buyers will consider negotiating at a lower price. They think it’s almost like a Daniel – if I want to buy this new property and it doesn’t have high-speed broadband, why should I pay for it?”

So, when you’re looking for your dream apartment, where can you find the NBN network?

Learn more: find out if the suburbs you need are ready.

New south wales.

If you are looking for apartments in the toughest areas of new south wales, you are lucky. The suburbs with the most searches in the new apartment market are ready for the NBN network.

Popular search suburbs such as Sydney [CBD], rocky area, north Sydney, gosford, pimont, Why Dee, penlis, triga, lane bay and manley have access to the NBN network.


Melbourne’s inner city hotspots have the latest apartment searches in Victoria and access the NBN network.

Melbourne, Melbourne port, Brunswick, alzford, giron, South Asia ra, Richmond, Preston, city pond and south bank are all on board.

Western Australia

Western Australia did synchronize with the east coast, joining the NBN network, with 93 per cent of the most desirable apartment buildings connected.


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