The five ideas for electric cars in 2018


Each year, electric cars will come close to results in the next 12 months. Is this repetition? Of course. But sometimes it’s the most important thing. As it turns out, those of us who have been watching electric cars for more than a decade know that we are close to electricity and there are many steps to follow. When we stand on the edge of the New Year, it seems appropriate to look at things and be excited about what is about to happen. If nothing else, 2018 will be another year of big changes in the industry. These are the top five New Year’s ideas to watch.
1) some electric cars will remain futuristic. For others, they will be a paradise
As the New York times has written, there’s something going on before electric cars around the world, but the subtext of this article is the whole concept of electric cars, and for many people, it’s noodles. Yes, the description of lithium in this article is important to us, but imagine a similar article in the dawn of petrol-powered cars. How impossible is our world today? For electric cars, there are many problems to be solved, but for each article, dozens of people drive cars and electric cars in their daily activities. Hundreds of thousands of electric cars are currently in operation, even if they have to continue to enrich their daily lives.
Startups will continue to have an impact
It is not surprising that only one electric car has played an important role in the car industry over the past decade. But the electric car world already has a bunch of dream small companies. Thousands of people have worked in Aptera, Bright, Automotive and other former names, long-term dreamers who have not given up Karma of the Automotive and Arcimoto, which means more power and more smiles.
Looking ahead, some small electric car companies will make headlines next year. First, most likely Byton, which will spend a few weeks at CES rolling out a huge computer screen for the dashboard’s new all-electric CUV. While the established carmakers of 2018 aren’t worried about Mr. Biden, they expect electric cars to make headlines in busy RACES. One thing the most sophisticated carmakers have yet to figure out is how much benefit they can bring by building and promoting simple electric cars. That is why tesla has been able to lag far behind model 3 delivery at a staggering price.

Another small electric car company with a big plan for 2018 is nikola, which will launch an electric hydrogen semi-trailer in the next few years. Next year should see more and more test vehicles and more information about plans to build a network of H2 gas stations.
3.) the next important step of tesla
Well, this man is just cheating a little bit, because, of course, tesla will be one of the main factors in the EV world in 2018, but it will also be crystal ball malpractice, trying to see the future, not looking at what’s going on in fremont and palo alto. The electric-car title will continue to be announced by tesla CEO elon musk on twitter, where we can get information about model 3, tesla and the pickup as well as a new sports car. Given TSLA’s share price, which has been boosted by the enthusiasm of the electric cars, the company still has time to focus on its fans and products without worrying about years of profits. This is part of a larger idea that allows musk to offer big ideas like supercircle and boring companies, and even more traditional car industry ceos focus lasers on making real cars.
(4) critics will still be heard
If the Internet likes hot spots, the key ones will be even hotter. Even if some of the people mentioned above live normal lives, if you want to say that tesla will fail, or that electric cars are fashionable, you can go a long way in the expert world. Although electric-car sales are lower than expected, their article 5 (see below) is still good, and even if gas prices remain low, in America at least, clean transport seems to be paying a lot of attention. In the latest tax reform bill, at least $7,500 in federal tax incentives for electric cars is free, so incentives will continue to be used. Critics objected.
5.) more – more – power options
There are no surprises here, but the auto industry will offer more and more plug-in options. The company said it expects to launch 127 battery-electric cars worldwide in the next five years. To keep the two industries going, BMW sold 100,000 plug-in cars in 2017 and aims to streamline them, with 500,000 by 2020 and gm chief executive Mary barrack saying the company will make a profit selling more than 10,000 electric cars a year by 2026. This is basically a combination of behind-the-scenes work and battery events in the lab and test circuits means that we’re closer to a day, if you’re driving an electric vehicle, what kind of electric vehicle you’re going to be.


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