Automatic parking system


Some configurations are products that manufacturers are not willing to lag behind, and their
practicality is not high, just to improve product competitiveness and increase the price range.
Therefore, some cars do not think about the high-end models at the time of purchase, and spend a lot of
money. So the following mentioned configuration, if you spend money to choose, please consider.

ACC adaptive cruise is the most important configuration for improving the car’s sense of quality and
technology for many models, so many car owners have heard that it is good to have ACC, but in fact it
is not used once. Like some old drivers, the car is only safe to open, so never use ACC.

Moreover, each brand’s ACC adaptive cruise conditions are different, and some front cameras have
limited recognition. For example, Geely’s ACC can only identify metals, and if there is a high-speed
emergency, ACC will not completely stop, or even The current side of the vehicle suddenly lost and
disappeared, and some even went directly to the front car, which was very dangerous. ACC not only uses
less, but also uses a lot of heart, so it is still the most worry-free driving.

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