It was a car product launched by Ford Motor Company founded by Henry Ford in the United States from
1908 to 1927. It is located in Picot, Detroit, Michigan.

The front and rear axles of the T-type are horizontally mounted with a non-independent suspension
system with elliptical springs. The front axle is forged by a drop hammer as a whole. Ford has
repeatedly demonstrated it and twisted it to the dealer to show its superiority. The car’s foot brake
is different from the modern car. Its right pedal stops the rear axle through the ferrule of the upper
brake drum of the transmission system, and the hand brake is realized by the external action of the
brake drum.

There have been several major changes in the production process of the car. Early models of coolers,
lights and many small parts were made of brass in a single style, most of them were open-top wagons and
were not equipped with doors. Later models were gradually enriched, and cars, sports cars, pickup
trucks, trucks and other models were developed under the original chassis. The headlights were
developed from the original acetylene lamp to an electric lamp. The T-type car used many of the
advanced technologies of the time, such as vanadium steel, to make its durability very good. Today, 80
years later, many components are still working.


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