Give your car a big health care


After a certain rush, it is inevitable that there will be some battle marks on the body. The dust, mud
and other traces attached to the paint on the car will be removed. The various dirt in the province
will stay on the body for a long time and damage the paint surface. In addition, if you run high speed
for a long time, install some specialties with great taste, or do not open for a long time, it is easy
to have odor, you must clean the interior.

In places with complicated road conditions, frequent and frequent braking is indispensable.
Moreover, if you often take some bad roads or gravel roads, the small sandstone will increase the wear
of the brakes. When the thickness of the brake pads is below the minimum, or the squeaking of the metal
friction occurs when the brakes are applied, replace the brakes immediately. sheet.

As an indispensable liquid for automobile engines, the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid,
etc. may have a small loss in long-time driving conditions. Check if the liquid is sufficient after
returning. If it is not enough, replenish it in time, and glass. Water should also be remembered to be

Inevitably encounter a variety of unfamiliar road conditions, we must not support, try to
avoid unnecessary shackles caused by the chassis. Sometimes the car happens, we don’t feel it, so be
sure to check it out the first time. Detect whether the transmission parts and suspension parts are
damaged, the chassis is rusted, and the like. If there is any oil spill, if there is a problem with the
bottom plate, as long as you feel that there is a problem, you must find a place to test.


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