Hokkaido [1] is located in the northern part of Japan, accounting for one-fifth of Japan’s total area, and its population is only half that of Tokyo. The population density is extremely low, and it is concentrated in Sapporo-centered Otaru and Asahikawa. Therefore, tourists come to Hokkaido. There is often a feeling of comfort, which is quite different from the crowded prosperity of other cities in Japan.

    Hokkaido is famous for its fascinating snow scene, so winter is the best season to visit Hokkaido. The annual Hokkaido Snow Festival is about to start in early February. The venues are located in Datong Park and the Shinji Self-Defense Force Square. Visitors can visit the experts from all over the world to create their own ice sculptures. Artistic masterpieces, majestic and ingenious.

    In addition, Hokkaido has many places to visit. Noboribetsu Onsen is the largest hot spring in Hokkaido. Surrounded by mountains, there are 11 hot springs in the narrow canyon. The water temperature ranges from 45°C to 93°C. It can treat a variety of diseases and also visit the famous Hell Valley. The pharmacist is like a glimpse of the cliffs of the crater, the cliffs of the crater, and the fountain

    With Hong Kong and Naples, it is listed as the world’s three major night scenes. Due to topographical factors, the night view of Hakodate is known for its special fan shape. The night view of Hakodate is X-shaped and the lights are awkward. Like an unknown area in space, it is said that Hakodate consumes millions of dollars per night.


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