Just like people control breathing, they breathe when they exercise.


At present, the core technology of the Japanese top three looks complicated, but the principle is very simple. After reading this article, you can understand it immediately.

???????At the time of this auto show, we watched the products, except for the appearance and configuration of all the models, as well as the core technologies mentioned by each brand as the main selling point, but everyone looked at these technologies. Foggy water, what is the so-called core technology?

???????In order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I will explain it more easily and easily, pick out three competing brands, and analyze and interpret what their core technology is all about.

???????First of all, let’s explain the cylinder structure of the engine. This article is closely related to the following structures, so that everyone can understand it. First of all, remember that one is built around the point where the engine gasoline burns. The cylinder is a combustion chamber of a mixture of gasoline and air. The valves supported by the two rods are controlled to enter and exit the air. The piston is used for driving the engine after being burned and expanded.

?????The variable compression ratio, as the name suggests, is that the compression ratio is variable. The compression ratio refers to the degree of compression of the piston in the cylinder. The same cylinder diameter and the stroke path of the piston determine the compression ratio of the gas in the cylinder, but the conventional engine piston The connection to the crankshaft is fixed, and how to change the stroke distance of the piston?

?????The advantage of variable compression ratio is that when in economic mode, it can maintain low-concentration gasoline injection at high compression ratio, which has better fuel economy. In the sport mode, the low compression ratio will inject high-concentration gasoline, making the fuel power more abundant and the power more powerful. Therefore, the new Tianzhu will have a superb power of 252 horsepower, achieving both economy and performance.


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