High expenditure, low efficiency, and unfairness are the three major drawbacks of the
US medical system, namely, achieving universal coverage through appropriate government intervention,
improving the fairness of the medical system as a public product; reducing the unnecessary expenditure
and improving medical insurance by adjusting the structure of medical insurance expenditures. System
operation efficiency, improving efficiency while achieving low cost

Strengthen supervision, stipulate that insurance companies may not refuse or guarantee
high premiums on the grounds of the insured’s past medical history; the insurance contract shall not be
terminated unilaterally after the insured person suffers from illness; the upper limit of the life
insurance premium of the insured shall not be set.
As a special public product, medical insurance must first ensure its fairness and
suitability to the people through institutional arrangements, and also promote quality by introducing
market competition. For this reason, most developed countries adopt social medical insurance as the
mainstay and commercial insurance. A complementary system that balances fairness and efficiency.

In essence, it is reflecting and locating the status and role of the government and the
market in the medical insurance system.

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