Narita City is located in the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. On March 31, 1954 (Showa 29), Narita-machi and Gongjin Village, Basheng Village, Zhongcun Village, Jiuzhu Village, Fengshou Village, and Yuanshan Village merged into Narita City. Narita City is only 60 kilometers from Tokyo. The population is about 98,000 and the area is 131.27 square kilometers. Japan’s largest river, Ligenchuan, flows through the territory.

    Narita City and its neighboring cities, 1 city, 2 towns (Sakura City, Sakae-cho, Shibayama-cho) are designated as Narita International Tourism Model Areas, and are also international conference and sightseeing cities for the purpose of promoting international conferences. In 2003, the number of tourists visiting Narita reached 12.93 million.

    Among them, Jiucheng is a visitor to the temple shrines such as Naritasan Shinshoji and Zongwu Lingtang, and the rest are golf tourists. On March 15th, 2007, you can visit the sightseeing bus of the city’s famous scenic spots and start running.

    The local unloading market in Narita is a wholesale market involving fruits, aquatic products, various ingredients, and flowers. You can eat fresh sushi and seafood rice in the morning.


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