BMW 630 I GT


The term GT is so common in the automotive world that it is called Gran Turismo. It comes from the Italian word for “great journey” and originated in a European rite of passage after a long journey. Later, GT became the synonym of long-distance touring car. In the eyes of europeans, long-distance touring car must have a lot of horsepower and storage space, so aston Martin DB series and bentley continental have become the representative models of GTBMW has taken a new spin on the term GT, from the previous 5 series GT to the 3 series GT, a four-door hatchback that is not only great for long-distance travel, but also great for daily transportation. 6 series GT is the replacement model of 5 series GT. What kind of upgrade will be made after “adding 1” in the name? This time, we are lucky to get a 630i GT and have an in-depth experience of it.
While the Numbers don’t stand out much for a large or medium car with a 2.0t engine, the acceleration of more than six seconds proves that it hasn’t lost the deepest part of BMW’s soul. The throttle pedal is designed like an organ, and the power output is very linear when you slowly step down, and the feedback of the accelerator pedal is very comfortable, which can control the power output very delicately.

Throttle to the bottom, the gearbox will first stop, and then quickly down to the current can be reduced to the lowest gear, speed up, 258PS power output in the driver’s back. Turbine hysteresis is not hard to accept, but it is still too obvious for a 5-series car. Overall, the 2.0t engine is not bad for a four-door GT that should have a lot of horsepower.

The gearbox comes from the ZF, an 8-speed manual transmission, which is available in most BMW models and has a good reputation. In the 6 series GT, there will be a slight bump at low speed, but the gearbox will change gears slightly if the accelerator is slowly pressed to accelerate. Deep trample accelerator, 6 series GT stall AT high speed change gear shifting is not AT other transmission as a card of a card, but every frustration after a push forward, as if AT every time of cohesion power kick driver malicious, although the hips will feel a bit “special treatment”, but the feeling is like a performance car.


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