Cadillac’s new XT5 was officially launched on June 17, 2019. As a mid-term retrofit of the car series, the new car has undergone some modifications to its internal and external details and upgraded the new 2.0 powertrain. Engine with closed cylinder technology + 9AT. As for its weight, let’s take a look.

The thick and thick body brings the ultimate luxury to the XT5. Since its launch, no competitor of the same level has been able to surpass it. In the middle of the XT5, Cadillac designers sculpt “micro-plastics” on both sides of the network and headlights to make them more in line with current aesthetic trends.


The new car will be available in a sleek and sporty version with a silver trim on the front lip under the bumper, effectively extending the front vision to the sides and giving it a greater look.


At the same time, the shape of the fog light area is more elegant than the current model, with chrome trim and a finer presentation.


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