The all-new audi A6L was officially launched, enjoying the title of sales champion in the luxury medium and large car market. For a luxury car with so much glamour, it’s often not that simple, and it takes a lot of thought to change and stay the same. And this time, audi gave a nearly perfect answer!

When the cold machinery meets the soft and beautiful woman, the faint red lips blend and collide with the exploring blue, exploring the chemical reaction and charm of color. The body structure seems to be broken and reorganized. It perfectly integrates with S line sports kit. The dynamic and sharp lines give people the visual experience of all-round three-dimensional transformation.

Audi tried to carve every detail of the appearance, so that the appearance of the new audi A6L was actually completely different from that of the previous generation. In the front of the car, although both the hexagonal big mouth and the profile-shaped headlamp adopt family elements, audi makes the big mouth wider in size and sharper in outline, making the visual effect of the car more broad and the body posture more low. While maintaining a dignified atmosphere, it can present the unique sports gene of audi brand. The sharp shaped LED headlights enhance the sense of movement and technology at the moment of lighting, making people never forget.

The all-new audi A6L retains the most original genetic elements on the side design. The overly smooth roof curves and lines with chrome-plated decoration can not be abandoned by all previous models, which is the inheritance of a car model.

Generation on the body side, at first glance and similarity is very high, but the audi use excellent stamping process will be the old one into a straight through the waist line before and after the two stereo sense is stronger waist line, together with the low back line of the same more stereo and door third lumbar line, three waist line design makes the whole profile becomes more dynamic and young.


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