How soulless is the sound of a car without engine and schedule, so if you can’t hear the roar of engine and exhaust, you will lose a lot of wonderful experience. So when I drive the big Muscle Car with a 5.7l V8 naturally aspirated engine, the deep exhaust roar is exciting.
The 5.7l V8 is the dodge CHARGER, which makes a deep, heavy, growling sound as soon as the key is fired. It’s a sound that you can’t even imagine with a 3.0-l turbocharged engine, let alone many of the small turbocharged cars you drive today. It is a pity that this dodge CHARGER is only the smallest V8 engine of its series, but the 6.2l V8 hellcat version with higher performance and larger displacement can make people’s blood run.

Looking back at the white dodge CHARGER, the four-door design suggests that it is not a dedicated pursuit of American performance, but is designed to accommodate multiple riders. Although there is no one in the back most of the time, the dodge CHARGER is designed to accommodate more than one person with a four-door design.

In appearance, the CHARGER is not so aggressive, CHALLENGER muscle line is also not so obvious, but still has a strong American muscle car, the car on the side of the front fender HEMI words tell you this is a use of Chrysler family an ace HEMI V8 engine, which a V8 cars in the United States costs a mere $35995.

A black strip of meshes connected to two blackened taillights on the left and right, and a separate intercooled air inlet on the engine hatchcover, is enough to tell you the unusual side of the design.

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