The vw golf, Europe’s best-selling compact car, has long been popular with consumers who say it will try to deliver the first batch of its eighth generation golf by the end of this year. In previous plans, the eighth generation of golf is expected to be officially launched in October this year and officially launched in late February 2020. But the recent sharp drop in golf sales in Europe has prompted vw to change its strategy and upgrade as soon as possible.

              In the development process, the biggest problem for the eighth generation of golf came from the software. Reports say the car will be upgraded wirelessly and will have more than 10 times the code improvements of its predecessor. The change complicates vehicle software, making it easier for hackers to exploit it. Therefore, Volkswagen must adopt more effective network security measures to ensure the safety of the eighth generation of golf.

In addition, the 48-v hybrid version of the eighth generation of golf will be improved, with a range of 80 kilometers (50 miles), up from 50 kilometers. The 48V micro-hybrid system consists of a belt start motor (RSG), a 48V lithium battery pack, and a dc-dc converter. The lithium battery pack is located under the passenger seat.


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