Believe, every car fan heart, there is a porsche. It might be the unquenchable 911, it might be the agile 718, it might even be the mighty cayenne… The Panamera 4 e-hybrid, the subject of this article, has long been forgotten.

The 2020 Panamera 4 e-hybrid executive extended 2.9t model, which we tested, is positioned as the second flagship of the Panamera Hybrid (with a 4.0t engine above it) and has a market guidance price of 1.305m under standard configuration. However, after selecting 54,900 leather interior components, 11,400 parking assistance system, 65,000 front and back ventilation/massage, 7,000 porsche LOGO headrest embossing, 31,100 walnut interior components, 21,900 BOSE sound system, the actual price is up to 1,496,300 yuan.

As the German flavor control “spokesman”, porsche under almost all models of the control, are accurate two words. But is the Panamera 4 e-hybrid executive extension, which extends the body and adds a 270kg PHEV system to the fuel version, performing well enough dynamically?

When the ignition switch is pressed, the expected surge of ignition does not occur, and the PHEV system is in no hurry to wake up the engine. Instead, the system quietly checks itself until the “READY” sign appears on the dashboard. In HYBRID AUTO mode, when in d-gear, the car is driven by a 100kW (136PS) peak power motor that responds subtly to the accelerator pedal, as long as the accelerator isn’t pressed hard. It’s so smooth and light at low speeds that you forget it’s a 2.3-ton, full-size luxury coupe.

During midcourse acceleration, the Panamera 4 e-hybrid’s 2.9t twin-turbo engine “wakes up” according to the depth of the accelerator pedal, current speed, battery life and other metrics, giving the vehicle more power to accelerate. However, it is worth mentioning that before intervention, this 2.9t engine will be pulled by ECU to the speed of more than 2000RPM. When intervention, the body will “leap” forward, as if it is ready to sprint forward. On other PHEV models, the editors call it a “bump in the road to intervention,” but on the Panamera 4 e-hybrid, they tend to think of it as a hormonal signal of “desire to fight.”


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