Porsche Cayenne S


If any number of suvs are always impressive, porsche Cayenne will be the answer to many people’s questions. It was controversial from the very beginning to the hot sales of the previous second-generation models, which created the classic and legend of the car industry all the time. In Spanish, Cayenne means Cayenne. The name is not hard to understand. In the luxury SUV market at that time, most luxury SUV models were set in the all-road condition. Only porsche Cayenne can provide consumers with a sense of excitement like “hot pepper”.

In several days of in-depth test drive, this generation of porsche Cayenne is considered by the author to be the best generation of porsche Cayenne so far, as well as the most charming Cayenne with porsche. It’s rare for me to jump to conclusions about a car at the start, because this generation of Cayenne is so understated that, to many people, it doesn’t seem to have changed much, but it has. We’ll talk a little bit more about where the new Cayenne is coming from.

When it comes to car design, this generation of porsche Cayenne has already played with subtraction. The choice of models is directly divided into Cayenne (with 3.0l turbocharged engine 340 HP V6), Cayenne S (with 2.9l twin-turbocharged engine 440 HP V6) and Cayenne Turbo (with 4.0l twin-turbocharged engine 550 HP V8). Of course, even if you buy an entry-level version of the Cayenne, its official 100km acceleration is 6.2 seconds. That said, no matter how low the configuration, the porsche you buy is always going to be a pain in the neck.

If you are satisfied with the basic configuration, then porsche will naturally have a surprising number of options. Since porsche has a large range of options and covers a wide range of areas, I have the opportunity to write an article about it again. This article will mainly focus on test driving. This test drive model is Cayenne S, that is, 2.9t model. In terms of optional package, it does not choose too many comfortable configuration, but only Sport Chrono component with active air suspension and large wheel hub. Although the selection of things is not much, but I think it is very enough.

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