The new porsche 911


The first word that comes to mind when you think of 911 is “classic,” so its exterior designer is jokingly called the world’s least busy job, but in fact, every change has made a huge difference, creating incredible changes in seemingly limited conditions. Although the 911 is not porsche’s flagship, it has always been the totem of the brand and the god of porsche fans. Times are changing. A whole new generation of porsche, codenamed 992, has arrived. What on earth can be changed in this seemingly unchanged shell to make car fans follow all the way?

Although our test drive was a 911 sports car, this overseas test drive did not arrange the track experience, but arranged the test drive route on the coast road in Athens, Greece, which may not be able to experience the excitement brought by the track competition, but the new 911 Carrera S Cabriolet can let me enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

From 997 to 991, the size increased a lot, which caused a lot of controversy among car fans at that time. Porsche may not have dared to touch the fan base, or it may have decided it was long enough that the new 992 retained its 991 wheelbase but increased its length by 20mm.

992 in the appearance of the biggest change is: not Turbo also like a wide body; Not only the width of the car body increased sharply from 1808mm to 1852mm, but also the front wheelbase increased by 46mm and the rear wheelbase increased by 39mm, thus improving the stability of the whole dynamic. However, the increase in the wheelbase also leads to a decrease in flexibility, which 992 is prepared for. We’ll talk about that later in the dynamic driving section.

The new, lighter hydraulic canopy drive opens/closes the movable canopy in about 12 seconds. Like its predecessors, it can press the button in the center console at a maximum speed of 50 km/h, or it can be controlled by remote control outside the vehicle.

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