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As Britain’s second-largest apparel retailer, Primark is ready to catch up with Next

With strong winter sales, Primark will become Britain's second largest apparel retailer this year, surpassing Next. Low prices, aviator jackets, kidswear and a new make-up...

With the rise of buyers, Waterstones’ annual profit increased by 80%

Waterstones reported an 80% increase in annual profit, and six years after the e-book's rise threatened its prospects for a brighter future. Children's books were...

Battersea power station priced at 1.6 billion pounds

Battersea Power Station will be 1.6 billion pounds for sale, is the history of Britain's largest real estate transactions. The Battersesean power station development company...

Do not be sniffed: More Norwegians change from cigarettes to snus

Official figures show that more Norwegians use snus - a form of snus in Nordic countries - rather than nicotine-fixed cigarettes. In Norway, the preference...

Diet members tax rebates for referendum donors

Brexit parliamentarians and their fellow campaigners backed a controversial move to provide tax cuts to referendum donors after several billionaire donors received a flood...