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You may actually be able to buy a Chevrolet car to develop ZR2 parts

At this year's SEMA, Chevrolet demonstrated a host of high-performance road races, but also brought several hardcore off-road concepts to those of us who...

2018 Kona’s prominent features

Just look at it and you can tell 2018 that modern Kona is a bit different from other crosses on the market. Kona today...

Future Impact: Volkswagen’s EV Strategy

Volkswagen scandal caused bruises and blows, the public hopes to see as far as possible away from diesel vehicles. The company brought three BEV...

SUVs and SUVs from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show

SUVs and SUVs are all the rage - models are becoming the flagship model and are often more exciting than cars. Some SUV concepts...

Infiniti has become Nissan’s electrified brand

Hiroto Saikawa, chief executive of Nissan Motor Co., said in a car conference in Detroit that all Infiniti models from 2021 onwards will be...